Current bandwidth utilization 1244.34 Mbit/s of 10000 MBit/sec
bandwidth utilization
bandwidth usage graph

Mirrored Projects

Total capacity as of November 17th, 2015: 16 TByte
The following projects can be reached through HTTP, FTP and RSYNC.

Apache apache rsync.eu.apache.org 12h
Arch Linux archlinux mirror.de.leaseweb.net 4h
Arch Linux ARM archlinux-arm archlinuxarm.org push
Blender blender rsync.blender.org 6h
CCC ccc koeln.ftp.media.ccc.de 1h
CentOS centos eu-msync.centos.org 6h
Chakra chakra rsync.chakraos.org 6h
Debian debian klecker.debian.org push
Debian CD debian-cd cdimage.debian.org push
debian-volatile debian-volatile klecker.debian.org push
Debian Backports debian-backports syncproxy3.eu.debian.org push
DragonFly BSD dragonflybsd mirror-master.dragonflybsd.org 6h
Eclipse eclipse download.eclipse.org 6h
Fedora fedora ftp.tu-chemnitz.de 6h
Fink finkinfo master.us.finkmirrors.net 6h
Fink distfiles fink-distfiles master.us.finkmirrors.net 6h
Fink bindist fink-bindist master.us.finkmirrors.net 6h
FreeBSD freebsd ftp-master.eu.freebsd.org 6h
funport funport www.coldplug.net 6h
Gentoo gentoo masterdistfiles-eu.gentoo.org 4h
Gentoo Portage gentoo-portage masterportage.gentoo.org 30m
GNU gnu ftp.funet.fi 4h
Grml grml grml.deb.at 6h
Hirens Boot CD hirensbootcd rsync.hirensbootcd.org 4h
Kali Linux kali archive.kali.org push
Kali Linux Images kali-images archive.kali.org 6h
Kali Linux Security kali-security archive.kali.org push
Linux Kernel kernel filehub.kernel.org 6h
Knoppix knoppix ftp.knoppix.nl 6h
Knoppix DVD knoppix-dvd ftp.knoppix.nl 6h
Manjaro Linux manjaro repo.manjaro.org 6h
OpenBSD openbsd ftp.eu.openbsd.org 6h
OpenELEC openelec rsync.openelec.tv 6h
openSUSE opensuse stage.opensuse.org 6h
OBS opensuse-buildservice stage.opensuse.org push
PackMan packman packman.links2linux.de 1h
PUIAS Linux puias puias.princeton.edu 6h
Scientific Linux scientific rsync.scientificlinux.org 6h
Slackware ARM slackwarearm ftp.arm.slackware.com 6h
Skolelinux skolelinux rsync.skolelinux.org 6h
SuperRepo superrepo rsync.superrepo.org 1h
Tails tails rsync.torproject.org 1h
Document Foundation tdf rsync-stage.documentfoundation.org push
TurnKey Linux turnkeylinux rsync.turnkeylinux.org 1h
Ubuntu ubuntu archive.ubuntu.com 4h
Ubuntu Releases ubuntu-releases rsync.releases.ubuntu.com 4h
VideoLAN videolan rsync.videolan.org 2h
XBMC xbmc rsync.xbmc.org 1h

In addition to the HTTP, FTP and RSYNC servers we offer selected files via BitTorrent. This server also runs a full Bitcoin XT node.

Project History

This project started as a hobby of students in the Halifax dormitory of RWTH Aachen University. Using spare and loaned hardware in combination with the generous Gigabit network link provided by the university's computing center, the first incarnation of 'ftp.halifax.RWTH-Aachen.DE' provided about a TByte of data, mostly Linux distributions. In addition to the obligatory HTTP and FTP services, the server offered RSYNC access. Furthermore, which was uncommon for FTP servers, several 'hot' files were seeded using BitTorrent. This way, the server managed to put out up to 1.7 GBit/sec after some new software release.

To combat stability issues, the team tried to get hold of better server hardware. Thanks to the university's computing center (providing housing, storage and network connectivity) and Fujitsu (providing the server hardware) the server now offers more data at higher speeds.

In 2012 Offensive Security generously donated money so that the RAM of this server could be upgraded from 60 GByte to its maximum of 96 GByte.


  • Fujitsu PRIMERGY RX 200 S5 (1 RU)
  • 2x Intel Xeon E5520 (2.26 GHz, quadcore)
  • 96 GByte RAM (DDR3)
  • 18 TByte storage (Sun StorageTek 6140, connected via Fibre Channel)
  • 10 GBit/sec network connectivity
  • 40 GBit/sec Internet backbone (RWTH Aachen University)


This server runs Debian GNU/Linux with Nginx, vsftpd and Samba rsync servers. We use rtorrent for BitTorrent. For mirror synchronization we use ftpsync from the Debian project. The Bitcoin client is bitcoind (Bitcoin XT).


The following (former) students of RWTH Aachen University administer this server:
Hendrik Fabelje, Gerhard Heift, Dr. Carsten Otto
Feel free to contact us with questions or suggestions. The team can be contacted at ftp@halifax.rwth-aachen.de.